Fitbit’s ‘The One’ Is Your Self-Quantifying Soulmate

Stop the search, you've found him.

Hey there, handsome.

For many aspiring self-quantifiers seeking to shame their way to better health, Fitbit–the wearable device that measures the number of steps you’ve walked and quality of your sleep–was a gateway drug to flashier technology that followed, like the Nike+ FuelBand or Jawbone UP.

But the company, which recently released a realtime self-flagellationscale,  just announced two new devices to keep up with its competitors: Fitbit Zip ($59.95) and Fitbit One ($99.95). 

Both gadgets are enabled with Bluetooth 4.0, so users can send stats directly to their iPhone or iPad using Fitbit’s mobile app. TechCrunch points out that FitBit has tried to make motivational feedback more overt, substituting a flower icon that grows when you exercise into a smiley face “that beams at you when you’ve gotten off your couch.”

Perhaps by the time the higher-end FitBit One is released this fall, it will just be an anthropomorphized version of your skinny jeans laughing as you die a slow death by sitting in front of a screen.

The most amusing part of reading the early hands-on reviews, however, is seeing the device referred to as “the One.” As far as naming their next upgrade, Fitbit has kinda painted itself into a corner. How do you follow that: Mr. Right Now? The Rebound?

Fitbit’s ‘The One’ Is Your Self-Quantifying Soulmate