Hirst Spot Challengers Will Soon Reap Their Rewards

A spot fan. (Courtesy Getty Images)

Cristina Ruiz, who completed Gagosian’s 11-gallery Damien Hirst “spot challenge” this past winter for The Art Newspaper, writes today that she and the other 127 people who successfully ran the gauntlet will soon receive their special-edition Hirst print.

The challenge, you may recall, coincided with Gagosian’s 11-gallery show of the works. If you visited every Gagosian location while the show was hung, you’d win this prize! It’s unclear how many people they expected to complete the challenge, since the Gagosian galleries are fairly far flung, but it looks like they’re making good on their promise. More details on the print from The Art Newspaper:

The Gagosian Gallery has emailed to say that the limited-edition spot print we will receive as a reward for completing the tour, which will come with a personal message from Hirst inscribed on it, will be completed and delivered by the end of September.

This will be a whopping 61 x 55 inches or 3,355 square inches, which works out to just over one square-inch of spot print per dollar I spent completing the tour.

According to Artnet, spot prints that are slightly larger and from a smaller edition have sold at auction for around $10,000, which means if you used air miles, you might have actually made money off this endeavor. Assuming you were unemployed and didn’t have to take off any work.

Hirst Spot Challengers Will Soon Reap Their Rewards