How Your Gossip Sausage Gets Made: Page Six Seems To Borrow Language–and ‘News!’–From Press Release

Chace Crawford’s name, misspelled by the post on the Post’s header (top) in the same way the Sprock press release misspelled it.

On Saturday, Off the Record received a press release from Los Angeles-based celebrity PR firm Sprock. It was pretty thin gruel: “Actor Keith Collins & Actor John Stamos” were spotted at Westside Tavern, with Mr. Stamos “discussing his performances in his always sold out Broadway Play ‘The Best Man On Broadway’ [sic, throughout].”

“Also at the Tavern that night shooting pool was Gossip Girls Chase Crawford & Brandon Ruckdashel from ‘Co-Ed Confidential,’” noted the press release.

As we say, not much to run with. Imagine our surprise to see the exact item on The New York Post’s Page Six the next day. Granted, it was a late-summer weekend when most celebrities are in the Hamptons, but this was information many New York journalists had already found in their inboxes. “The Gossip Girl star [Chace Crawford] was seen at Westside Tavern in Chelsea on Wednesday night playing pool with Brandon Ruckdashel from ‘Co-Ed Confidential’ and a handful of beauties,” indicated Page Six in an item titled “Tavern Appeal.” Mr. Stamos, Mr. Collins and the play The Best Man also got name-checked in the 80-word item.