Rash of Apple Thefts Said to Include Hypodermic Needle-Wielding Bronx Bandit


 Rash of Apple Thefts Said to Include Hypodermic Needle Wielding Bronx Bandit

Just take whatever you want, okay? (Photo: flickr.com/wstryder)

The NYPD warned us that our precious iPhones were in danger, and they’re quickly being proven right in the most alarming manner possible. The Daily News reports that a man seems to be jacking Apple devices in the Bronx–at hypodermic-needle-point.

This isn’t even the first hypodermic needle-related crime of the week. Yesterday a bus driver got stabbed by a passenger with one. This of course poses the question of what is wrong with people?

The Daily News says the biohazardous offender has “accosted eight Bronx victims since mid-August, stealing iPhones and other electronic gadget, police say.” The neighbors sound worried, because duh

St. Raymond School is also nearby, and crossing guard Maria Oliveras said she is worried about the schoolchildren.

“It’s spooky,” Oliveras said. “I tell the kids all the time to put your phones away.”

This is one of the few cases where we just wouldn’t even bother with Find My Phone, lest it turn into Find Out My Horrible New Blood-Borne Disorder.