L.A. MOCA Trustees to Have Special Meeting Today

Broad. (Patrick McMullan)

After a rocky summer, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles is planning to hold a meeting today, the Los Angeles Times reports. The meeting is intended to bring together trustees whose “willingness to donate” is crucial for the museum, which recently suffered budget cuts. The Los Angeles Times interviewed six of the 39 trustees, some of whom telegraphed their disappointment with respect to the way the board is run in no uncertain terms, one claiming the whole board is “traumatized” by Eli Broad while another said, “Eli stepped in, and it sort of became a one-man show.”

From the story:

Distress over how the MOCA board operates surfaced in an exchange of emails in early August between trustee Lauren King and board president Jeffrey Soros, which was obtained by The Times.

King, who was co-chair of the committee that deals with fundraising, objected to a decision to take her and several others off the executive committee.

Soros — a documentary film producer and nephew of famed billionaire George Soros — replied that “the feeling was that the executive committee was overpopulated, inhibiting its true function, that is to move quickly in exigent circumstances.”

King responded unhappily: “It’s very strange to be voted off an executive committee and not even know about it. No self-appointed small elite group should be able to …reappoint themselves, change board rules to eliminate other executive board members, eliminate an education committee, fire a curator…. It’s a wonder that any board member stays under the current regime…. We keep getting letters telling us that everything is fine. Just to let you know — it’s not.”

L.A. MOCA Trustees to Have Special Meeting Today