PopRally Honors Fashion’s Night Out With the ‘Meta-Monumental Pre-Game’

Martha Rosler. ‘Travelling Garage Sale. La Mamelle Gallery, San Francisco, USA,’ 1977. (Courtesy The Museum of Modern Art)

Not that you don’t have plenty of openings to hit up tomorrow night, but after you’ve swooped into Chelsea, head north to the Museum of Modern Art where, beginning at 8:30 p.m., PopRally is throwing the “Meta-Monumental Pre-Game,” an event in the run-up to Martha Rosler’s November installation Meta-Monumental Garage Sale—an enormous suburban-style garage sale right in MoMA’s atrium where the artist will be on hand to haggle tooth and nail for things that, for the most part, aren’t even hers.

Most of the goods that will be on sale in November are being sourced from the public through a variety of drop-off events, like the one tomorrow night. So, if you’ve got that odd painting that you’re looking to get rid of or a leopard print jumper that you’re tired of, why not have it be transformed through this museum garage sale into a piece of living art history?

And when you’ve dropped off your things, have a drink and play some “garage-inspired” games. The Postelles will be performing, and DJ Diggy Lloyd will play music. And as it’s in honor of Fashion’s Night Out, you’ll also get to watch Ms. Rosler’s work Martha Rosler Reads Vogue (1983). As the “Pre-Game” goes until 11:30 p.m., your gallery-hopping will have been long over before this one even gets going.