Morning Read: Vito Vows to Stay; Redistricting Criticism; NYC Mayoral Race in Charlotte

Christine Quinn continued play nice with the Queens County Democratic Party in 2012’s primaries by endorsing Jerry Iannece for Rory Lancman’s seat. She previously endorsed Grace Meng and has been raising money for Toby Ann Stavisky.

Vito Lopez is out with another cryptic statement vowing to dig in.

Albany is trying to figure out how to get rid of him.

Lopez: “The most important factor in politics is loyalty. The second most important is respect.”

Lew Fidler has good and bad news. Needless to say, we wish him the best.

Best wishes to Ed Koch as well, who was hospitalized for anemia.

Frank Seddio said he has no interest in being “interim president,” meaning that he’s giving up on his City Council campaign.

Larry Seabrook was denied a new trial.

JCOPE is formally opening an investigation into Lopez.

The Daily News thinks Shelly Silver is just bluffing regarding kicking Lopez out of the Assembly.

The New York Post took another whack at Silver on the issue.

The publication is still very much not a fan of John Liu.

Asian and Latino advocates aren’t thrilled with the City Council’s proposed maps.

Despite a heated campaign, the Shawn Morse vs. Neil Breslin debate was fairly tame.

A political fixer in Jewish Williamsburg plead guilty to fraud.

An explanation of what Eric Schneiderman’s Bain inquiry is all about.

2013 mayoral contenders are politicking down there in Charlotte.

Watch Nydia Velázquez speak to the convention crowd.

On stage, Carolyn Maloney defended health care reform from a female perspective.

Protests in Charlotte have become more subdued.

Julián Castro’s keynote took on “You Didn’t Build That” and drew favorable reviews.

Castro immediately penned a fundraising message for President Obama.

Ted Strickland heavily criticized Mitt Romney.

Watch Michelle Obama’s speech.

Morning Read: Vito Vows to Stay; Redistricting Criticism; NYC Mayoral Race in Charlotte