From ‘Spit and Polish’ to ‘Siren Song,’ Artists Served Up Services at Swoon’s Charity Beauty Shop

A menu of options for beautification.
Hand-drawn face-masks for sale next to the raffle table where those aiming for the Daphne Guinness's look could win one of DZINE's metallic, jewel-encrusted, claw-like finger hardware pieces. We tried, but lost.
Dustin Yellin surveys one of his Polaroids of the patrons having their faces collaged.
Duke Riley applying a tattoo while the patron does his best to keep his cool.
One patron in awe of her "Siren Song."
Max Fenton looking Bewitched.
The bindi booth. The "googley eyes" were a big hit for those looking for a little "Spit and Polish."
Swoon prints were being given away!
The tattoo selection at Duke Riley's tattoo booth offered images of acorns, anchors, mermaids and hieroglyphic-like symbols.

Saturday night, artist Callie Curry (a k a Swoon), hosted a pop-up beauty parlor in Long Island City. Patrons were offered up anything from a $10 “Primp” to a $500 “Total Transfiguration” by an artist of their choice—Mickalene Thomas, Duke Riley, Dustin Yellin and Natalie Frank were a few on hand helping to raise money for Ms. Curry’s community art center in North Braddock, Penn. We’re told they succeeded in bringing in nearly $55,000 (both from the event and from the sale of a work by Ms. Curry). That’s a lot of primping and transfiguring. But then again, these were no ordinary primpers. Chloë Sevigny was even drawn to the festivities. Here’s a slide show of some of the goings on.