Rainbow Room Gets Its Gold: Landlord Tishman Speyer Blesses Plan to Landmark Sky-High Club

Dancing into history. (bilde/Angelfire)

One of the big questions surrounding the landmarking of the Rainbow Room was whether or not it would win the support of Tishman Speyer, the august real estate firm that owns Rockefeller Center, home to the famed dance hall and eatery. But the space is lucky as a leprechaun, as the Rainbow Room’s landlord came out in support of landmarking yesterday, according to Crain’s.

“We have a deep respect for the history of this space and its importance within Rockefeller Center and within the fabric of New York City,” Keith Douglas, managing director for Rockefeller Center at Tishman Speyer told the Landmarks Preservation Commission yesterday. “Protecting, maintaining and enhancing cherished landmark properties are an integral part of our company’s mission.”

Crain’s notes that an operator for the space remains a mystery and it is not clear the commission will support landmarking, though in our view, it seems unlikely they would not. Rarely does a project get to this stage in the process only to be denied.

It is true the commission denied a previous attempt to have the space landmarked in the past, but that was pursued by the Cipriani family, which at the time operated the restaurant. That bid was opposed by Tishman Speyer. This time, the effort is being led by the commission, and with the support of Tishman, it seems almost certain the city will be adding to the hundreds of interior landmarks that make up this great city.