Ryan Lochte to Appear on 30 Rock

Ryan Lochte

Beloved Olympian of few words Ryan Lochte told New York‘s The Cut blog that he was preparing for a 30 Rock shoot that’s happening… right… now! “I know I have the cameo for 30 Rock in the morning,” Mr. Lochte said last night, “and after that, E! And then Live With Kelly. So I’m all over the place.”

One of these things is unlike the other two–but then, 30 Rock has historically done fine with celebrities we think of as a bit overexposed. (They made Denise Richards seem, if not “funny” in a traditional sense, at least game, and stuck a pin in guest star Aaron Sorkin’s ego.) Besides, how much damage can a rather inarticulate gent do in a brief “cameo”?

Ryan Lochte to Appear on <em>30 Rock</em>