Scott Stringer Defends Lady Gaga

545px nln scott stringer Scott Stringer Defends Lady Gaga

Scott Stringer (Photo: Wikimedia)

At an anti-drug event yesterday, Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro slammed pop singer Lady Gaga for her alleged drug use and called the musician “a slut in the pure, in the pure meaning of the word.” Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, who is a friend of Ms. Gaga’s family, took objection to Mr. Molinaro’s comments and came to the singer’s defense with a statement today.

“Lady Gaga’s work is a symbol of individuality and artistic expression. In addition to her artistic pursuits, she is a social justice activist and a real leader for marriage equality in this country,” Mr. Stringer told Politicker. “And no matter which continent Gaga happens to be in today, she remains an Upper West Sider at heart.”

Mr. Stringer, who, like the singer is an Upper West Side native, has known Ms. Gaga’s parents, Joe and Cynthia Germanotta, for several years. According to the New York Post, Mr. Stringer and his wife “occasionally double-date” with the Germanottas. Since 2011, Mr. Germanotta has donated $350 to Mr. Stringer’s campaign war chest.