Sheldon Silver ‘Wasn’t Expecting’ to Have His Remarks Cut Off at the DNC

Sheldon Silver (Photo: Getty)

CHARLOTTE, NC — Last night, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was cut off as he was giving a lengthy speech delivering the New York delegation’s votes at the Democratic National Convention. This morning, Politicker asked Mr. Silver how it felt to have his speech cut short when we saw him at the New York delegation breakfast.

“I wasn’t expecting that and, you know, we’re a big state, we have a lot of votes and there’s a lot to say,” Mr. Silver said.

We queried Mr. Silver about what he was hoping to add had he been allowed to continue. He implied he was nearly done when his speech was aborted.

“Well, I added everything, basically our vote,” he said.

The interruption of Mr. Silver’s speech wasn’t the only potential slight to the New York delegation, which was seated all the way in back of the convention floor. Mr. Silver said it was simply New York’s turn to end up in the nosebleeds.

“What can I tell you? I mean, it’s a big convention, somebody’s got to sit in the back and we got that this year,” he said.