Soon Sanitary Inspection Horrors Will Be Just a QR Code Away

Now you'll have to decide how much you really want to know.

 Soon Sanitary Inspection Horrors Will Be Just a QR Code Away

BUT WHY?! (Photo:

Sanitary inspection letter grades make a great rule of thumb, but sometimes you want to know exactly what knocked that diner down from a B to a C. For those times, thanks to a new law, there’ll be QR codes.

The Daily News reports that the City Council has just passed a bill ruling that, starting next year, permits for restaurant and other inspected businesses will include QR codes, which customers can use to access whatever information is publicly available. 

So, for example, you might use this in situations like when this Betabeat reporter’s favorite Czech joint was temporarily shut down and rumors began flying that the kitchen was lousy with “rat sign” and that the health inspector had been barred from even looking at the basement. The answers to all our questions about cannibalism would’ve been just a couple of clicks away.

The problem is that these QR codes won’t be on the signs in the front window. Instead, you’ll have to walk inside and scan the code on the permit behind the cash register or wherever the managers are keeping it, which promises to inspire some excruciatingly awkward moments.

But what will the City Council do once QR codes fall hopelessly out of fashion?