Soho’s Team Gallery Plans Sunday Hours

(Courtesy Team Gallery)

Starting Sept. 16, Soho’s Team Gallery, which represents artists like Cory Arcangel, Alex Bag and Ryan McGinley, will be open on Sundays, the day when Team’s neighbors to the east–the ever-growing cluster of galleries in the Lower East Side–usually hold their exhibition openings and prop open their doors to visitors.

“It’s something that we had talked about maybe wanting to try out since we moved to Soho,” said Miriam Katzeff, a director at Team. “When we first moved, Deitch [Projects on Wooster Street] were our neighbors and we called them. We only wanted to do it if our other neighbors did it. There’s this idea that people go to galleries outside of Chelsea on Sundays.”

Deitch closed in 2010, when its founder Jeffrey Deitch moved to Los Angeles to become the director of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. But the Swiss Institute has since moved into the gallery’s old space on Wooster. They stay open on Sundays and told Team that they get good foot traffic.

So, as the gallery prepares to stay open six days a week, Monday still remaining a kind of lost day for the entire New York art world, the staff will be split into two work-week shifts: Tuesday through Saturday, and Wednesday through Sunday. On Sept. 12, Sam Samore will take over both of Team’s locations–on Grand and around the corner on Wooster.

“It’s just an extra day for people to come to the gallery,” Ms. Katzeff said. “Why not?”

Soho’s Team Gallery Plans Sunday Hours