The Most Important Question of Our Time: What Real Estate Will Sarah Jessica Parker Buy Next? And Is It In Brooklyn?

Are they at it again?

We could discuss the upcoming election, or our broken health care system, or the dearth of affordable housing in New York, but there is a more pressing issue—one that demands discussion now: where will Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick move next?

The couple listed their Village townhouse just last week and the speculation is already underway. Never mind that they already own another Village townhouse on Charles Street that was magnificent enough to host both the President and Anna Wintour. Clearly, the fact that the couple is selling 20 East 10th Street, which they bought in 2011, is a manifestation of their insatiable search for real estate perfection rather than a desire to stay put.

For whatever reason—perhaps because we spent so many years watching Carrie’s pursuit of true love?—her real estate hunts, both real and rumored, never fail to capture our collective imagination.

The most recent development, as reported by Brownstoner, is that the couple bought a $4 million new-build townhouse in Brooklyn Heights. The most likely candidate would seem to be the single-family townhouse on the corner of State and Hicks. (If so, the sale has not yet been registered with the city as there are no records on the new brick townhouse at 314 Hicks Street.) But then, SJP house hunting rumors are as common in Brooklyn as artisanal pickles. Case in point: Brownstoner notes that this purchase is definitely not the same as the two Brooklyn Heights townhouses that the couple was rumored to have been buying on State Street before the deal fell through.

Ms. Parker and brood were said to have spent three years looking before buying the not-quite-right townhouse at 20 East 10th Street, considering everything from a Central Park West co-op to a penthouse at 54 Bond Street. Are the Parker-Brodericks incapable of settling down? Still looking for the one? Or did they find true love with the Charles Street townhouse where they’ve lived all along? We’ll just have to wait for the next suspicious LLC to hit public records.