The Prosecutor Plays Defense: Can D.A. Hynes Have It Both Ways on Hasidic Molesters?

That was then. More recently, Mr. Lopez was revealed to have sexually harassed female employees in his office, spurring his removal from several key chairmanship positions he held in the State Assembly, widespread calls for his resignation, and an overnight shifting of the entire political landscape in Brooklyn.

“I feel like now is my chance,” a rejuvenated-sounding Mr. George told The Observer in a follow-up conversation.

On August 31, about a week after Mr. Lopez’s scandal became public, Mr. Hynes requested a special prosecutor to investigate the allegations against the assemblyman, citing the conflicts of interest that could be perceived from his handling of such an investigation himself, since Mr. Lopez is a supporter of his.

Come campaign season, no one will be able to say that Mr. Hynes gave a powerful political fixer special treatment.