To Do Thursday: Garavani’s Gala


Another New York cultural institution begins its season tonight: the New York City Ballet’s Fall Gala honors the designer Valentino Garavani (we don’t hear that surname often!). The designer has crafted costumes for three ballet performances tonight, including one world premiere. Turning up to support the ballet, Valentino, or simply their own right to have a good time are event co-chair Sarah Jessica Parker, Barry and Diane (once again!), Carolina Herrera, and Linda Evangelista. Perhaps the most unexpected guest? Andy Cohen, who’s supposed to be hosting his live Bravo talk show at eleven sharp—hurry home to the studio, Andy, before your limo turns back into a pumpkin!

Lincoln Center, cocktails at 5:30pm, performance at 7pm, supper ball at 9pm, tickets and information can be found at