What Happens When You Taunt 4Chan: The Story of Lacey Vicich

You may remember Jessi Slaughter, the outgoing Florida teenager whose attention-seeking YouTube videos earned her the scorn and mass rage of the 4chan army. An intense online battle ensued between Ms. Slaughter and 4chan; her family famously got involved, with that now-notorious video of her father shouting “Ya dun goof’d,” which became a meme in itself. Now, it looks like 4chan is going after another woman who has dared to challenge them. Her name is Lacey Vicich.

“Two years ago there was a girl names Jessi Slaughter,” reads an anonymous email sent by “The Cyber Police” that landed in Betabeat’s inbox today. “People brought that girl to tears but we intend to bring Lacey Vicich to her knees.”
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