World’s First Pizza Museum Has ‘the Largest Collection of Pizza Memorabilia’ in the World

The world’s first pizza museum is opening in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. It is called Pizza Brain. It has “the largest collection of pizza memorabilia” on the planet, The New York Times‘ Diner’s Journal blog reports. Brian Dwyer, one of the four founders of the museum, told The Times (in one of the greatest quotes ever), “It’s a pizza shop that’s a shrine to pizza.”

Pizza Brain also features a double-deck gas-fired oven and “integrates exhibits of pizza toys, video clips, albums and movie posters with a menu of both standard pies and artisanal varieties like ‘homestyle meatloaf’ (a combination of kobe beef and wild boar),” The Times said. More here. If any readers out there are willing to deliver us a pizza to the office, we would give you our everlasting respect. We are fans of anchovies.