Al Pacino Getting Historic Broadway Pay Package

Bloomberg reports that Al Pacino is set to receive among the biggest paychecks ever for a Broadway star, with a minimum of $125,000 a week for the upcoming Glengarry Glen Ross revival. That’s right–the minimum. He’s set to receive five percent of profits, additionally, once the show recoups on its initial investment. The other six actors in the cast are dividing between them $30,000 a week.

The outsized pay package may be in part because Mr. Pacino–who after a wilderness period in the 2000s has returned to acclaim with TV and stage roles–is historically associated with Glengarry Glen Ross, having played the role of young striver Ricky Roma in the film adaptation. In a twist worthy of Freaky Friday, Mr. Pacino is now playing the elderly Shelley Levene; his connection to the production adds value beyond that of a typical star.