All Hands on Deck At The New York Times

Storm reporting mobilized newsrooms across the city, and apparently, The >New York Times was no exception. “City Struggling For Footing, Some Transit Restored“,  the Times article by James Barron about storm recovery, lists 56 contributing writers.

“Still hobbled by power failures and waterlogged transit, the New York region started to restore some services but restricted car use on Wednesday as it struggled to return to daily life,” the 1,319 word story begins. The piece sums up the response to the storm. Obviously, there was a lot of reporting. And lots of contributors.

Reporting on the storm was contributed by Peter Applebome, Charles V. Bagli, Nina Bernstein, Joseph Berger, Russ Buettner, John H. Cushman Jr., David W. Dunlap, Theo Emory, Ann Farmer, Sheri Fink, Emma Fitzsimmons, Lisa W. Foderaro, Joseph Goldstein, J. David Goodman, Michael M. Grynbaum, Danny Hakim, David M. Halbfinger, Christine Hauser, Anemona Hartocollis, Winnie Hu, Jon Hurdle, Kristin Hussey, Thomas Kaplan, Mark Landler, John Leland, Eric Lipton, Elizabeth Maker, Andrew Martin, Cynthia McCloud, Patrick McGeehan, Colin Moynihan, Sarah Maslin Nir, Sharon Otterman, Amisha Padnani, Michael Powell, Julia Preston, William K. Rashbaum, Ray Rivera, Liz Robbins, Sam Roberts, Wendy Ruderman, Marc Santora, Michael S. Schmidt, John Schwartz, Nate Schweber, Mosi Secret, Katharine Q. Seelye, Kirk Semple, Kim Severson, Michael D. Shear, Brian Stelter, Kate Taylor, Joyce Wadler, Timothy Williams, Michael Wilson and Steven Yaccino.

Who says you can’t get a job as a reporter anymore? Here are 56 people who prove otherwise. Props to all you hard working Times writers.

All Hands on Deck At <EM>The New York Times</EM>