At Least 10 Dead in New York City After Hurricane Sandy Thrashes Five Boroughs

Saving lives in a serious storm. (Getty)

Mayor Bloomberg just announced at his morning press briefing, which is still ongoing, that at least 10 New Yorkers have died as a result of Hurricane Sandy. “There are 10 in the city, and we expect that to go up as more information comes in,” the mayor said.”I want to extend my condolences to their families and ask all New Yorkers to keep them in their thoughts and prayers.”

The mayor said that despite problems at numerous hospitals in the city last night, none recorded any fatalities. He also said there are roughly 6,100 people in city shelters. The top priority, the mayor said, is getting the MTA back up and running as well as power.

“We expected an unprecedented storm in New York City, and that’s what we got,” the mayor said. “While the storm has passed, it is still dangerous out there.”

Update 12:11:The mayor also mentioned that some 80 homes had burned down during a catastrophic fire in Breezy Point, the cause of which is unknown. There was no mention of the security of the crane at One57, but since it has yet to fall and the worst of the storm has passed, it appears safe for the time being.

As for the confirmed deaths, mayor said one was a man in Queens who was sleeping when a tree crashed through his house and crushed him. Another was a woman who stepped into a puddle that had been electrified by a downed wire. There was mention of some bodies found drowned in a house with no additional specifics. “These kinds of things are what you’d expect,” the mayor said.

The mayor pointed to this fact when asked about reported problems with the 911 emergency phone system, which was over capacity during the storm. He grew testy at the suggestion and insisted there was no failure to respond in a timely manner. “There’s no reason to believe our services didn’t get to anyone,” the mayor said.

At Least 10 Dead in New York City After Hurricane Sandy Thrashes Five Boroughs