Big Apple Idolatry: DiCaprio and Lohan Scare De Niro and Cooper, Lena Dunham Lip-Syncs

You don’t own Lena! (YouTube)

– Here’s Alexa Chung, Tavi, and Lena Dunham lip-syncing Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me” like they were in The First Wives Club or something. For feminism and Obama!

– Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria are no more after a month of dating. We have to call our lawyers on this one; celebrity relationship whiplash is real and it hurts, people!

– Anderson Cooper is scared Lindsay Lohan is going to steal his job, just like she stole $5,000 worth of clothing from the Scary Movie 5 set. (They had $5,000 worth of clothing on the set of Scary Movie 5?)

– Meanwhile, Robert DeNiro KNOWS that Leonardo DiCaprio is stealing all of his jobs.

– Jay-Z and Beyonce were unable to trademark the name of their child, Blue Ivy. And when you can’t copyright your baby, what’s the point of having one, right??