Big Apple Idolatry: Guess How Old Eminem Is!

eminem Big Apple Idolatry: Guess How Old Eminem Is!

Daily reminder of your own mortality, now with more homophobia. (HuffingtonPost)

– The fact that this is the cover of Huffington Post’s entertainment section is making us feel very sad, and very empty inside.

– Alex Rodriguez is busy lining up a limo full of champagne and coconut water for 33-year-old bikini model Kyna Treacy, his latest “I’m so over Cameron Diaz” conquest.

– If you thought Russell Brand was bad, just wait to you hear whom Katy Perry is hooking up with now. Okay, one hint: his racist penis has been inside Jessica Simpson.

– It’s really frustrating when you have a brilliant idea and then realize someone’s already made an entire Pinterist board of Claire Danes crying on Homeland.

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