Big Apple Idolatry: Lohan Is Publicistless, Debbie Harry Scared on Aliens

Debbie Harry, alien hater (Getty)

– Debbie Harry made a pretty cryptic comment on the elections, saying “I am thinking we have been invaded by aliens who have reduced the intelligence level of the entire fucking country to cement.” Did she mean little green men or illegal immigrants from Mexico? And aren’t aliens usually portrayed as being light years smarter than the average Joe the Plumber? They figured out space travel, how stupid can they be?

-Steve Honig finally quit the world’s worst gig of being Lindsay Lohan’s publicist. No, it wasn’t the drugs that broke the camel’s back, or the car accidents that broke the paparazzi’s feet, or the career that’s just irrecoverably broken. It was Michael Lohan who Mr. Honig couldn’t tolerate. Which leads us to wonder…what does he think about Dina?

-Even if Tom Cruise is potentially leaving Scientology to win back Katie Holmes, he hasn’t lost his litigious nature. He’s filed lawsuits against In Touch and Life & Style for headlines implying that he abandoned his daughter Suri after Ms. Holmes left him.
– Justin Timberlake is really sorry that his friend made a wedding video featuring homeless people as a present.

– Jessica Simpson’s dad is not gay, according to Jessica’s Simpson’s dad.