Big Apple Idolatry: Weather Experts Are the New Celebs While Ben Affleck Whines About Homeland

– The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore (recently profiled by The Observer) was the main guest on Letterman last night after Kate Hudson dropped out. See, in a perfect world, you wouldn’t have the guy who spent 24 hours in Battery Park during Sandy as the pinch-hitter for an actress whose biggest news right now is a cameo on Glee.

– Here’s a roundup of all the celebs “affected” by Hurricane Sandy. And by affected, we mean “experienced minor inconveniences and/or electricity loss.” Except for Donnie Wahlberg, who made emergency bacon but then found himself a foot deep in water that flooded his apartment.

– Jennifer Garner wouldn’t let husband Ben Affleck direct an episode of Homeland, so he made Argo instead.

– NBC has moved this week’s 30 Rock to tonight, which your DVRs are NOT prepared for! So go get them ready.

– And in La La Land, Kourtney Kardashian and Patrick Bateman Scott Disick are planning a televised engagement and wedding. Hey, if it worked for Kim … (the marketing of your wedding for big $$, not the actual marriage, of course.)