Boo Hoo: Mayor Bloomberg Urges Caution and ‘Good Judgment’ on Halloween, Cancels Greenwich Village Parade

The parade, in fairer weather. (Getty)

At least Superstorm Sandy hasn’t ruined Halloween. At least not totally. During his evening press briefing, Mayor Bloomberg said Halloween would go on tomorrow, perhaps a little spookier than usual, but celebration was encouraged, if ever so cautiously.

“As you know, tomorrow is Halloween,” the mayor said. “Most streets in the city should be safe tomorrow, but some may not be, so we encourage children and adults to enjoy Halloween, but use good judgment and be careful, particularly in those areas where there aren’t any lights. Hold onto your children’s hands, because cars might not see them.”

It will be more tricks than treats in the Village, however, as the mayor has made the decision to cancel the annual parade on Lower Fifth Avenue. “Unfortunately we just cannot spare the manpower from the NYPD and other city agencies for the annual Greenwich Village Halloween parade, so we are postponing it to a later date, some time next week, we’ll work tomorrow to figure out what makes sense given the resources the city has,” the mayor said.

That will give people plenty of time to think up clever Hurricane Sandy-related costumes.