Booting Up: Piracy Machines Edition

 Booting Up: Piracy Machines Edition

How Mondays make us feel. (Photo: Reddit) (Photo: Reddit)

Microsoft is grooming high school kids in Seattle to become programmers. The bad news is that once they have those comp sci skills, the kids will probably want to work at Google. [New York Times]

Good news for everyone without TV: YouTube will stream the presidential debates for the first time. [Fast Company]

A fascinating look into the future of 3D printing, and how manufacturers will seek to slow the growth of 3D printers and brand them “piracy machines.” [The Economist]

Asshole thinks her DUI is LOL-worthy; judge demands she delete her Facebook for being an asshole. [TechDirt]

Some guy dressed up like a crazy mindreader, only to reveal that he found everything out about his subjects via the Internet. [SingularityHub]