Booting Up: The Hero Coder and Twitter Villain Edition

tumblr mcpqxbwigd1qz6dm7o1 1280 Booting Up: The Hero Coder and Twitter Villain Edition

(Photo: Noah Kalina)

According to one of the tenants, the building that houses Googleplex East on Eighth Avenue had been running emergency operations off a 90,000-gallon tank of diesel fuel. [New York Times]

With Datagram down, BuzzFeed switched to virtual servers from Amazon. Then came the “epic coding task” of rebuilding the site. “At one point, a tree crashed through the roof of BuzzFeed system administrator Eugene Ventimiglia. He kept right on coding.” [Wired]

That didn’t stop BuzzFeed from exposing the real identity of @ComfortablySmug, a scourge of misinformation on Twitter. [Buzzfeed]

NYC Councilman Peter Vallone is looking to press charges against Shashank Tripathi, a.k.a. @ComfortablySmug. “Everyone knows the example of yelling fire in a crowded movie theater.” [Buzzfeed]

Wall Street plans on opening for business this morning. To prepare, the New York Stock Exchange created an emergency response team: 30 staffers who have been sleeping at its downtown headquarters, conducting trial runs with financial firms “to detect potential bugs.” [CNBC]

But looking at Manhattan, techie chronicler Noah Kalina managed to spot a single rainbow moment of Zen. [Noah Kalina]