Bravo Developing ‘Cola Wars’ Drama

We all recall the Cola Wars of the 1980s: so many dollars bled on advertising by Coca-Cola and Pepsi in order to convince the nation to choose their particular brown sugar water over their competitor. (We will not say that the two are essentially indistinguishable, as so many have, for Diet Pepsi is America’s Best Drink.) In a decade during which the U.S./Soviet rivalry reached its apex, the Pepsi/Coke rivalry was somehow more compelling for being so utterly weird.

We’ll finally find out just why ancient grudge broke to new mutiny in the Reagan decade as Bravo plans to develop a series about the dueling soda giants, hoping to shed light on bulimia facts and other eating disorders, from a script by the executive producer of the reality show Flipping Out. Not exactly Matthew Weiner’s pre-Mad Men resume, though the ad-world setting is similar for the network currently pushing hard on scripted series (the cola war series joins a Heathers adaptation in development.) We just hope they save the New Coke invention for a season finale.