City Hall Horse Race: Jumping the Gun Edition

It’s time for the latest installment of our weekly scorecard rating how next year’s potential mayoral candidates performed in the past seven days. Well, there’s a big election crashing down upon us, and New York’s political scene is abuzz trying to figure out who will win in some of the top congressional and state legislative races. And like a phoenix rising out of the ashes of 2012’s elections, 2013 will immediately take off after this year’s ballots are cast. Or, in the case of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, you can just start sprinting to the finish line now, lobbing criticisms at Council Speaker Christine Quinn all the while.

Bill de Blasio is clearly the one hustling the hardest at this point in time. After a string of hires in his government office, he moved his top staffer over to his 2013 campaign and resurrected the controversial 2009 term limits extension to needle Ms. Quinn.

John Liu was a natural at a rally protesting the city’s racial disparity in college readiness and he’s becoming a leading critic of the NYPD’s controversial surveillance of Muslims. Despite the federal investigation rain clouds over his head, the comptroller isn’t slowing down.

Tom Allon stepped up his apparent rivalry with DOE Fund founder and fellow Republican George McDonald. As Mr. McDonald hasn’t had enough activity to warrant being in this list yet (what does he even look like?)we’ll count that as a win for Mr. Allon.

Christine Quinn earned some big props from the Daily News editorial board for negotiating a deal on Chelsea Market, but she also got people mad at her in the process. Also, now rabbis are joining the paid sick leave fight? Oy vey.

Scott Stringer‘s eyeing the Brooklyn vote regardless of whether he drops down to the comptroller’s race. He powwowed at a new Sheepshead Bay political club yesterday and, the day before that, he told us he’s helping Andrew Gounardes’ senate campaign in the borough.

Billy Thompson has actually already declared his mayoral campaign, unlike Mr. de Blasio. However, you wouldn’t know that by comparing their public activities. For example, he attended the same rally as Mr. Liu, but left early and didn’t scrum with the television crews.

City Hall Horse Race: Jumping the Gun Edition