‘Come to Sydney’ as Sandy Rages, Urges Cindy Adams

Cindy Adams’s New York Post column today was filed from Sydney, where the gossip columnist has headed on vacation. Ms. Adams, who will be unaffected by Hurricane Sandy and whose column does not mention it, has found plenty to complain about, though:

“I mean, we’re not talking a quick hop to Cleveland. Forget crosstown and the Lincoln Tunnel at rush hour. Think: Flying to LA, collecting your luggage, hauling it by hand onto an airport bus, wrangling your way across LAX to some condemned section of the terminal that is further than Tahiti…”

Despite the length of the trip, Ms. Adams thoroughly enjoyed her accommodations in Virgin Australia, with “full-length flat-out bed with quilts and pajamas” and “beautiful friendly stewardesses.”

And though the city is quite expensive, it’s also quite chic, with Ms. Adams checking out an “orange suede and leather suit” more expensive than her airfare.

Rather than her usual “Only in New York” kicker, Ms. Adams ends with “Come… hope on a plane… spend a weekend in Sydney.” Wish we’d thought to do that!

‘Come to Sydney’ as Sandy Rages, Urges Cindy Adams