Cuomo Is in Standby Mode for the Obama Campaign

andrew cuomo hofstra getty1 Cuomo Is in Standby Mode for the Obama Campaign

Cuomo at the second presidential debate. (Photo: Getty)

Last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo told radio show host Fred Dicker that President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign has asked him to stump on Mr. Obama’s behalf and he has agreed to do so. And, earlier this morning, still on Mr. Dicker’s radio show, Mr. Cuomo said the talks have continued but he’s still unsure where the campaign trail will lead him before voters head to the polls on November 6th.

“I’m going to go where they need me, the swing states,” Mr. Cuomo explained. “They haven’t given me a definitive schedule but they’re talking about Ohio, and they’re talking about Virginia, whatever the swing states are for them. I basically said, wherever they think, I’ll go.”

As to the message he wold be bringing to the voters of these states, Mr. Cuomo attacked the GOP ticket’s proposed budget and the national Republican Party’s “extremism.”

“It’s going to be the same conversation,” he said. “The Romney/Ryan budget, what it would do to the country, in my opinion, what it would to do the state, which would be devastating. The effect of extremism in the congressional process and the byproduct of gridlock, but nothing different from what I’ve been saying.”

Mr. Dicker asked the governor if he has any specifics about when or where he’ll be speaking on Mr. Obama’s behalf or if he’s simply on standby.

“Yeah, I’m basically on standby, they have a number of options” Mr. Cuomo replied, noting his work across the country in former President Bill Clinton’s administration. “But to me, I’ve done this before, many times. I was out there for Bill Clinton obviously, I was out there for Al Gore. I’ve campaigned in many, many states. I’ve worked in every state in the country during the administration and I’ve appeared politically in most states….To the extent that I can be helpful, they should deploy me, and it makes sense and I’m happy to cooperate.”