Deutsche Bank Exec Beaten By LAPD Allegedly Copped to Previous Bath Salts Use

Remember Brian Mulligan? He’s the Deutsche Bank executive who filed a $50 million claim with the city of Los Angeles after suffering a broken shoulder blade and 15 nasal fractures in a run-in with LAPD in May.

The details of the case have been hard to figure from the start. Mr. Mulligan said cops kidnapped him to a cheap hotel and threatened to kill him if he left the premises, then beat him badly when they found he’d escaped. The police said Mr. Mulligan admitted to using marijuana and bath salts, then assumed a karate stance and charged officers.

Well, the details are still hard to figure, but The Los Angeles Times has a story that lends some credibility to the LAPD’s claims. According to The Times, Mr. Mulligan walked into a police department headquarters in Glendale, Calif., and asked for help dealing with his substance use:“I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I feel like there are people following me. I feel like there was a chopper, do you hear a chopper?” Mr. Mulligan said on a recording made by Glendale police, adding that he’d snorted bath salts at least 20 times but, as of that day, had not used any for roughly two weeks.

“How long does this stuff stay in your … system, man, how’s it legal!”

None of which explains why LAPD deposited Mr. Mulligan in a rundown motel room or felt compelled to beat him. But which may lend some support to the LAPD’s story.