Disney Acquires LucasFilm, New Star Wars Imminent/Inevitable/Terrible Idea

Disney now owns ‘Star Wars’

Just like the canceling of Anderson Cooper’s show on the day of Hurricane Sandy, another big news story managed to bury its lede yesterday under the rubble of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. So in case you were too busy donating blood, helping rescue workers remove debris and clear the roads, or staying in a dark, powerless apartment without wifi, get ready for a doozy: Disney has acquired LucasFilms. And they are getting ready to make a new Star Wars!

Of course, buying the rights from notorious trademark-hoarder George Lucas wasn’t cheap: the whole deal cost Disney $4.05 billion. (Lucas gets half of that in cash, and the other half in stock, making him a huge Disney investor.) We’re sure this seemed like a total deal to Disney’s CEO, Robert Iger, who is already planning on making a Star Wars VII (as well as two films after that), and making sure that the film is full of Ewoks, Jar-Jars, and other creatures that can immediately be turned into plushies. It’s like Yogurt said in Spaceballs: “Merchandizing!”

Disney Acquires LucasFilm, New <i>Star Wars</i> Imminent/Inevitable/Terrible Idea