Evening Read: ‘Have a Little Respect, and If You Don’t Have Any, I’d Be Happy to Teach It to You’

grimm chair Evening Read: Have a Little Respect, and If You Dont Have Any, Id Be Happy to Teach It to You

Michael Grimm debates his opponent.

It’s almost like NYPD reform is a contentious City Council issue or something. In a heated debate this morning with Councilman Peter Vallone, Councilwoman Helen Foster at one point shouted, “Peter, I don’t work for you. I’m not one of your boys! You will not talk to me like that.”

Congressman Michael Grimm was Eastwooding in last night’s debate against his Democratic opponent, Mark Murphy. Although it was a GOP-friendly venue, every other candidate running in a local race managed to attend and make their views known, Mr. Murphy declined to do so. His spokesman cited a schedule conflict.

Yet there were still some fireworks, only between Mr. Grimm and Democratic operative Jon Yedin, a resident of the district who managed Congressman Mike McMahon‘s unsuccessful campaign against Mr. Grimm in 2010. “Have a little respect,” Mr. Grimm snapped after Mr. Yedin asked why he was surrounded by so many “shady” figures. “And if you don’t have any, I’d be happy to teach it to you.”

Also Eastwooding it in recent days is Democratic State Senate candidate Justin Wagner, who released a cheeky video encouraging incumbent Greg Ball to attend their debates.

Speaker Shelly Silver doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Mayor Michael Bloomberg when it comes to raising taxes on the city’s wealthy incidents, Laura Nahmias reports for the Wall Street Journal.

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer‘s spokeswoman Audrey Gelman was featured in The New York Times‘ fashion section:

WHAT I’M WEARING NOW My sister’s vintage dress that I stole, and I’m really sorry I did that, but I’m not. I had it shortened, and now it’s a great shift that I’ve worn to screenings and Jewish holidays. The earrings are from Love, Adorned, one of my favorite stores because you can buy jewelry and get tattoos. The wallpaper is by Payton Cosell Turner that Lena [Dunham] picked out for the apartment..

In House Majority PAC’s latest attack ad against Rep. Kathy Hochul‘s Republican opponent, Chris Collins, they photoshopped a bandits mask on him. Fun!

Over the past week or so, GOP Congressional candidate Maggie Brooks has been hammering Rochester Rep. Louise Slaughter for her “lies.” Apparently Ms. Slaughter’s campaign decided to muddle the debate and do the same right back: