Evening Read: ‘If You Need a Hurricane Cocktail Recipe’

Councilmen Leroy Comrie and Ruben Wills clearing trees. (Photo: Facebook)

“Be safe inside with family and friends,” Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s girlfriend Sandra Lee tweeted today. “If you need a Hurricane cocktail recipe…here’s one to help you relax.” The suggested recipe involves some ingredients a lot of New Yorkers probably forgot to stock up on before Sandy, such as passion fruit juice, mango juice, sweet-and-sour mix and spiced rum.

While Councilman Jimmy Oddo pondered over Twitter, “Anyone ponder the possibility this is all just the winds of change blowing?”

After taking heavy criticism for requesting federal aid in emergencies be tied to deficit cuts elsewhere in the budget, GOP Rep. Nan Hayworth got in front of Hurricane Irene by writing a letter requesting the federal assistance in advance.

Interestingly, Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s Super PAC is targeting Syracuse Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle, widely considered one of the most vulnerable incumbents country-wide. Howard Wolfson, who’s managing the PAC for Mr. Bloomberg, said the  expenditure was due to Ms. Buerkle’s “extreme” position on gun laws.

While House Majority PAC “unveiled its closing argument” against GOP congressional hopeful Chris Collins in its bid to boost endangered Rep. Kathy Hochul in Western New York. Basically, you shouldn’t like Mr. Collins because he’s a no-good rich guy:

Evening Read: ‘If You Need a Hurricane Cocktail Recipe’