Evening Roundup: ‘In Brooklyn We Go Hard’

Bill Thompson and John Liu at this morning’s education rally.

Two likely mayoral contenders, Comptroller John Liu and former Comptroller Bill Thompson were at a rally this morning protesting educational disparity in college readiness. As Mr. Liu was leaving, we asked him about the absence of other potential candidates for Gracie Mansion, given the importance of the issue. “Why would you ask that question?” Mr. Liu exclaimed. “You said it best, it was a very important issue.” For his part, Mr. Thompson demurred and said we’d have to ask the other pols to find out.

A video posted on the Facebook page of the state teacher’s union heavily criticized Governor Andrew Cuomo, connecting him to Republicans like Mitt Romney and Scott Walk–oh wait, the video has been taken down and the union blamed it on the activism of an individual staff member.

On an unrelated note, Mr. Cuomo said he’s “a beer, wine and distilled products kind guy.” Next round of shots are on the governor?

GOP Congressman Michael Grimm, who represents parts of southern Brooklyn, sent out a press release welcoming the Islanders to Kings County while quoting rapper Jay-Z. “To have professional boxing and the Brooklyn Nets is exciting, but to bring hockey here is the icing on the cake! So many kids growing up in Brooklyn never had an ice rink – so they played hockey in the streets – and now they’ll have a world class stadium,” he said in the statement that noted he played ice hockey growing up. “I enthusiastically welcome the Islanders to the neighborhood. In Brooklyn we go hard, and if there’s any place to make the Islanders a championship team, it’s here!”

At his press conference earlier today, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. seemed to call out Council Speaker Christine Quinn over paid sick day legislation. “Next year there are going to be citywide elections,” said Mr. Diaz, who is thinking about running for public advocate himself. “We’re not going to vote on popularity, we’re not going to vote on personality. We’re not going to vote based on what the media tells us is the frontrunner or who has the most money in their account. We’re going to cast our vote based on who we know has been there with us time and time again. So for anybody who wants to run for mayor, comptroller, public advocate, or whatever, they need to be on notice that they better start supporting paid sick leave right now.”

Don’t expect a resolution on paid sick days to arrive anytime soon, however. Councilwoman Gale Brewer, the lead sponsor of the bill, has delayed hearings until November 15th.

If you’d like to flip through and spot some ads for Simcha Felder and his Republican opponent, State Senator David Storobin, you can view this week’s Weekly Link, a popular classifieds magazine in Boro Park. Some of the ads attacking Mr. Felder seem to be anonymous:

Evening Roundup: ‘In Brooklyn We Go Hard’