Booting Up: Facebook Lets You Express Something Besides ‘Like’

screen shot 2012 10 09 at 8 39 43 am Booting Up: Facebook Lets You Express Something Besides Like

Let’s all go back to bed, actually. (Photo: screencap)

As long as it’s a feeling of materialistic lust, that is. On the heels of enabling users to send and receive IRL gifts, Facebook has moved even deeper into e-commerce territory. The social network is working with brands, including Pottery Barn and, to create something called “collections,” photos sets that’ll come with the options to “want,” “collect,” and “like,” as well as–but of course!–a link to buy. [Mashable]

The U.K. apparently takes terrible Facebook postings very, very seriously. A West Yorkshire man has been fined and ordered to complete 240 hours of community service after posting a status that said “All soldiers should die and go to hell” after six British soliders were killed. [BBC]

Several big tech companies, including Facebook, Google and Apple, have joined forces with the Internet standards organization WC3 to create, a kind of authoritative wiki for open web development. [TheNextWeb]

There’s now an iPad app to teach your kids proper email habits. Because let’s face it, it’s never too soon to start learning manners. [Fast Company]

Backblaze’s habit of buying up every hard drive in Costco during a hard drive shortage got them banned from the store. [GigaOm]