Gawker, Huffington Post Still Down

Last night, as the internet started to flicker in and out and Manhattan went dark, so too did some websites and news outlets. All Gawker Media sites and the Huffington Post website are still down for the count as of this morning. BuzzFeed was down last night, but is back today.

“In a nutshell, it appears the emergency backup power did not kick in when Con Ed shut off power,” Thomas Plunkett, Gawker’s chief technology officer, emailed us last night. Gawker servers are at Datagram on Whitehall Street, which also hosts BuzzFeed and some Huffington Post servers, explained Mr. Plunkett. 

“We are putting together a contingency plan to get the sites back online if it appears the datacenter will not be back online in the next few hours,” Mr. Plunkett continued. The contingency plan as of this morning is to blog on live sites.”This could be a long night,” Mr. Plunkett wrote yesterday. It was. And it looks like a long morning as well.