German Banker Two-Timed Women, Cheated Market With Insider Trading Scheme

At least he didn’t play favorites. Former Mizuho International investment banker Thomas Ammann tipped both of his two girlfriends to privileged information regarding Dutch photocopier maker Oce, British prosecutors said.

Mr. Ammann, a German banker living in London, shared information regarding an impending deal with Canon with his two girlfriends—Christina Weckwerth, a divorcee he met on an Internet dating site and Jessica Mang, a chiropractor he met in a nightclub, according to Bloomberg. Ms. Weckwerth doubled her million pound investment, and Ms. Mang made 26,000 pounds on the deal.

“Each of these women considered that Thomas Ammann was their boyfriend and they had no idea of the existence of the other,” prosecutor Amanda Pinto told the jury in the trial of the two women, according to the Daily Mail:

Ammann was one of just seven bankers at the London offices of Japanese bank Mizuho who knew about the deal before it was announced, Southwark Crown Court heard. Prosecutor Amanda Pinto QC said Ammann had ‘no money to invest’ but was armed with “specific, confidential information.” She said Ammann pleaded guilty to two counts of encouraging insider dealing and two counts of insider dealing earlier this year and is not before the court.
Mr. Ammann received half of the alleged ill-gotten gains from each woman.