Booting Up: Who Made Business Insider’s Silicon Alley 100?

(Videogame) art inspires life.


Tim Cook wants you to understand that the iPad mini is, like, totally not just a seven-inch iPad. [The Verge]

You can now legally jailbreak your smartphone. Good luck getting them to honor the warranty once you do, though. [Ars Technica]

“We don’t want to appear as a country that is anti-Google.” — France’s minister of technology. She might have an uphill battle there, as other officials have spoken out in favor of charging Google for linking to French news sites. [Quartz]

Did you make the cut for Business Insider’s Silicon Alley 100, a muy scientific slideshow accounting of the coolest people in New York tech? [Business Insider]

A devoted player of the MMORGP Eve Online was inspired by his ripped avatar to get off his butt and start going to the gym. [CNN]