Hacker Hides Handheld Hotel Lock-Picking Gadget in Dry Erase Marker [Video]

Beware sneaky-looking Dry Erase marker owners.

hackpen Hacker Hides Handheld Hotel Lock Picking Gadget in Dry Erase Marker [Video]

(Matthew Jakubowski)

Recently Cody Brocious discovered that the program controlling Onity brand hotel room door locks was weak enough he could crack it and open any room secured with one. Building on Mr. Brocious’s work, ethical hacker Matthew Jakubowski has taken hotel room lock hacking into James Bond territory, hiding his own lockpicking device inside an innocuous Dry Erase marker.

Mr. Jakubowski refers the curious hacker or technologically sophisticated burglar to Mr. Brocious for the fine details regarding the actual hacking of the locks and then describes creating his “Hotel Pen Test Pen” in detail. He has also uploaded a video of his pen unlocking a hotel door lock purchased on eBay, which you can watch below.

We’ll just hope the next time we see someone wandering hotel hallways with a Dry Erase marker in hand that there’s some kind of White Board Enthusiast convention in town.