Hacker News Parody Sums Up Everything We Love To Hate About Hacker News

"A Thoughtful Story Derailed by a Pedantic Comment"

The discussion board from the mind of Y Combinator founder Paul Graham is a place where some of the smartest people on the Internet congregate to flaunt just how smart they really are…in order to impress Paul Graham. An arbiter of influence in the science and tech sphere, it can send impressive amounts of traffic to even the most self-aggrandizing of Svbtle blogs, which is why so many people try to game the voting system. But it also provides an accepted way of ranking what’s important to certain players in the tech world.

So we were delighted to see this parody pop up, spotted by PandoDaily and sent out by the folks behind Hacker School on their email list. It’s a pretty accurate depiction of the front page of Hacker News. Lots of ideologically opposing ideas clashing against each other, rants about flailing startups and non-news about HN sensation Elon Musk. Our favorite has to be “A Story About Sexism in Tech Filled with Sexist Comments Denying Sexism in Tech,” because… yeah, been there.

Below is a screencap. You can see the entire parody here.

(Photo: LinkedList)