Healy to JC: ‘Stay off the roads’

You’re better off sitting tight at home, said Jersey City Mayor Jerry Healy.

People driving around are contributing to traffic jams and lengthening the period of time it takes for PSE&G to do its job.

“70 percent of the city is without power,” Healy told PolitickerNJ.com. “It’s a big issue.”

The mayor said PSE&G estimates it will take four or five days to restore power to the Hudson County stronghold.

“Stay off the roads unless it’s an emergency,” said Healy. “People are driving all over looking for food and looking for gas. There’s no gasoline. Even stations with gas don’t have the power to pump it. You’re going to run out of gas driving around looking for gas.

“Stay off the roads,” the mayor urged.

Healy to JC: ‘Stay off the roads’