Houston Not Threatened By New York’s Tech Growth, Nuh-Uh, No Way

"Houston is a much more business-friendly environment.” Someone told him about the soft drinks.

 Houston Not Threatened By New Yorks Tech Growth, Nuh Uh, No Way

Glamorous Houston. (Photo: flickr.com/mrbill)

Apparently Boston wasn’t the only town a little put off by the AP’s flattering article about New York’s burgeoning tech scene. Take this response, which appeared earlier this week in the Houston Business Journal. Upon hearing about our fair city’s recent investments, the reporter couldn’t help wonder: “Does this mean Houston has more competition in terms of trying to be the next Silicon Valley?”

The Journal spoke to Brad Burke, the managing director of the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, who promptly attempted to set the minds of Houston’s techie citizens at rest:

“One of the advantages of Houston is the breadth of industries here. We have such a strong life science, energy, nanotechnology and information technology (presence) here,” Burke said. “Also, New York has an inherent problem. The cost of doing business is so expensive, and Houston is a much more business-friendly environment.”

It’s certainly true that building some enormous facility downtown is a tough row to hoe. Then again, maybe having to get by on a shoestring budget is good for nascent companies.

But then Mr. Burke really showed his claws:

Also, Burke said he found it most interesting that New York has just recently decided to start building a technology presence, while cities like Houston have been working on it for 10 to 15 years.

Burn! Don’t call it a comeback.