How Tinsley Dealt With Sandy

Halloween Candy not going to waste!

Tinsley Mortimer: Unfazed by hurricane (Getty)

Storms are the great equalizer, and none more so than last night’s Hurricane Sandy. The devastating gales and high tides did not take into account summer homes in the Hampton, $4,300+ apartments in the West Village, or anyone living near Tribeca. Okay, so it did look like certain parts of Queens, Brooklyn, LES, and all the hospitals got it worse than say, the Upper East Side, but that’s based on weather patterns, not net worth or number of listings in the society pages.

That being said, here is how Tinsley Mortimer weathered the storm.

Ms. Mortimer wrote to us via email:

I have a good friend who lives on the same floor of my building on the UES. We just hung out in her apt with our dogs and made pasta and ate Halloween candy! Nothing much happened up here besides a little wind and rain. We were lucky!

If you remember your Style section or CW shows, Ms. Mortimer has had several address changes over the years: Park Avenue to Chelsea and back to the UES. None of the areas seem to have been touched by Hurricane Sandy, nor, apparently, was her eighth-floor garment district loft where her clothing brand resides.

Lucky doesn’t begin to cover it, but we’d watch out for combining dogs and Halloween candy. Only a couple of veterinarians willing to make house calls, and they cost a fortune.

How Tinsley Dealt With Sandy