Investigative Reporter Josh Bernstein Decamps for Denver

Acclaimed investigative reporter Josh Bernstein is going to Denver to become the Senior Investigative Reporter at KDVR Fox 31, a Fox affiliate.

“They have a huge commitment to building up the investigative team,” said Mr. Bernstein said of his new station. “We will be very involved with several investigations related to the election season,” he said, noting Colorado is a swing state.

Mr. Bernstein was an investigative reporter at The Daily until July, when he was laid off as part of the iPad newspaper’s round of reductions.

Prior to joining The Daily, Mr. Bernstein was a television reporter in Wichita Falls, TX (“I was this Yankee Jewish kid from Great Neck”) and Phoenix. At iPad newspaper, Mr. Bernstein got scoops on the planning behind the September 11 terrorist attacks and the BP Oil Spill.

Mr. Bernstein announced his departure from New York as one does these days, in a Facebook post:

“Time to say goodbye ☹. It has been a fabulous few years back home in NYC, but duty calls and my wonderful wife and I are relocating for work. I’ve accepted a Senior Investigative Reporter gig and I couldn’t be more excited! Details to be released at a later date.

The things I will miss most about NYC: my adorable and loving niece, The Daily and ALL my fabulous colleagues and friends who are truly some of the most talented journalists, editors, writers, producers, designers and developers in the biz, Central Park, jogging the reservoir, my long bike rides and fabulous conversations with Jonathan Tortora, nagging my producer extraordinaire Shalini Sharma, fabulous food, family and friends.”

Here’s hoping he keeps up the good work (and avoids altitude sickness) in the Mile High City!

Investigative Reporter Josh Bernstein Decamps for Denver