Looks Like Biden Found a Pretty Nice Place to Hang Out Before the Debates

An aerial view of Rick Lee’s home in Danville, Kentucky. (Photo: Google Maps)

It seems like Vice President Joe Biden is spending time at a large home with both a pool and its own lake before his debate with Paul Ryan tonight. According to a campaign official, Mr. Biden “will spend time with family and friends at a private residence owned by local supporters” prior to this evening’s vice presidential debate at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. The Obama campaign hasn’t released any other details about the home, but thanks to some details from the White House press pool report and some of our own legwork, we believe it is the well-appointed home of an executive at a company that makes conveyor belts used in factories, mail sorting facilities and to handle baggage at airports.

Politico’s indomitable Jennifer Epstein is accompanying the vice president and his entourage this evening on behalf of the White House press pool. She was taken to a “garage-like area of the barn on the property” of the home, but given very little information about the location. That didn’t stop her from finding more information on her whereabouts on her own. Ms. Epstein noted a desk in the room where she was left to had “a few awards from a company called Transnorm Systems” and a “pen stand” featuring “a plaque with the name ‘Rick Lee’ on it.” Googling confirmed for Ms. Epstein that there was a Rick Lee who is a corporate officer at Transnorm System Inc. and lives in Danville.

Politicker found a phonebook listing for Mr. Lee. Checking out his home on Google Maps reveals a multi-acre spread with the aforementioned barn as well as a lake and pool. We called up to confirm whether Mr. Biden was a guest in the home this evening and ask if, perhaps, he was taking a swim in advance of the debate. The woman who answered the phone told us Mr. Lee was unavailable. When we asked whether the vice president was there she stammered out a series of rapidfire non-answers before abruptly hanging up.

“I’m not–I don’t–I can’t speak for Mr. Lee. You can call him back later. I can’t–you can call him back later. Thank you,” she said.

Sounds like a fun place to be!

Update (5:57 p.m.): According to the pool report, while in the home with his family and friends Mr. Biden “fired up the grill” for a pre-debate dinner of grilled chicken, spaghetti with marinara sauce and salad.

Looks Like Biden Found a Pretty Nice Place to Hang Out Before the Debates