Italian Court Rules That Cellphones Cause Brain Tumors

Using your phone's speaker is obnoxious, but maybe it's healthy.

 Italian Court Rules That Cellphones Cause Brain Tumors

Hope you don’t get cancer, CEO guy. (

Italy’s Supreme Court has issued a ruling that could have a ripple effect for cellphone manufacturers all over the world by declaring a “causal link” between an Italian businessman’s non-cancerous tumor and his daily cellphone usage.

The businessman, Innocente Marcolini, said he used his cellphone as much as six hours a day for work. Now his face his paralyzed on one side.

Testimony from oncologists and researchers on Mr. Marcolini’s behalf might spook even the most hardcore cellphone user:

“They said electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile and cordless phones can damage cells, making tumours more likely.”

One of Mr. Marcolini’s experts told a U.K. paper that the court’s decision will “open not a road but a motorway to legal actions by victims. We’re considering a class action.”

Even though the World Health Organization has expressed caution regarding cellphone use, government agencies like Britain’s Health Protection Agency are not too concerned, a spokesman telling the Telegraph that the “scientific consensus is that mobile phones do not cause cancer.”

We hope that last part is true, because the alternative might see a new rise in Bluetooth headset use, and no one wants that.